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“Your Results & Outcomes in Life are determined by your daily thoughts, feelings, choices, actions, patterns and responses.
So, if you desire better results and outcomes, then start by creating better thoughts, feelings, choices, actions, patterns and responses.
Believe it or not, a single thought has the ability to change your life, your journey and trajectory in life.”

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Atlanta Coaching & Hypnotherapy Associates

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• ADHD, Attention, Focus & Concentration
• Foundational Performance Improvement

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Hypnotherapy Session

When, Where, Why, and better still HOW you react to your current and future circumstances is DIRECTLY dependent upon your STATE OF MIND.


For instance, when you’re in a terrific mood, very few things that happen to you on that day are able to negatively impact or influence that mood.


Conversely, if you’re in a bad mood, then everything that you negatively perceive throughout the rest of that day may seem to be another nail in the coffin?

Have You Experienced that Phenomenon Before?

When you’re Stressed Out [i.e., are in a Heightened State of Sensitivity], Everything that you touch, see, feel, hear and perceive just MAGNIFIES it.


Conversely, if you were under medical sedation or anesthesia, then you wouldn’t feel a thing!


However, regardless of the circumstance, the states of deeper levels of your brain possess the keys to what you sense, feel, hear, smell, see, experience and perceive at that moment in time.

Therefore, The STATE of YOUR BRAIN controls your INNER EXPERIENCE Of LIFE!

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Our Practices

Recent Studies have show that Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy can provide pain relief as great as that provided by Pharmaceutical Agents [i.e., Prescription Drugs]; even as great as ANESTHESIA!

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy allow your mind, body & spirit to change state so that you can release your past baggage, which allows for new, positive thoughts, feelings, perceptions and expectations to be embedded within your unconscious mind.

Your past baggage generally drives the vast majority of your thoughts, feelings, actions, behavior patterns, expectations and outcomes.

Does That Make SENSE?

Your subconscious mind, even though you’re not consciously aware of it, drives 99.9% of your thoughts, feelings, actions, behavior patterns, expectations



And, HOW you perceive and react to those DRIVES Your OUTCOMES & RESULTS in LIFE!

By bypassing your Conscious Mind, which FILTERS your experiences & expectations and ACTIVELY DECIDES which parts of your experiences to store, save & incorporate, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy allow you to pull out the Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Expectations (i.e., Your BAGGAGE) and replace them with carefully planned & purposefully constructed ones that YOU CHOOSE & DESIGN!

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If You are Having Problems, Challenges, Dilemmas & or Difficulties achieving Your Goals, Aspirations & Desires, then a Hypnosis Session or a Hypnotherapy Session are Just the Right Tools to help RESET Your STATE Of Mind!