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“Your Results & Outcomes in Life are determined by your daily thoughts, feelings, choices, actions, patterns and responses.
So, if you desire better results and outcomes, then start by creating better thoughts, feelings, choices, actions, patterns and responses.
Believe it or not, a single thought has the ability to change your life, your journey and trajectory in life.”

Our Practices

Atlanta Coaching & Hypnotherapy Associates

• Life Coaching & Life Direction
• Hypnosis
• Hypnotherapy
• Career Change & Career Direction
• Self-Improvement
• Self-Empowerment
• Self-Development

atlanta small business incubator

Atlanta Small Business Incubator

• Small Business Creation & Activation
• Small Business Growth & Development (Incubation)
• Small Business Marketing & Advertising
• Small Business Administration
• Small Business Management
• Small Business Strategy & Planning

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Atlanta Health & Wellness Coaching

• Health Coaching
• Nutritional Coaching
• Dietary Coaching
• Weight Loss Coaching
• Lifestyle Modification Coaching
• Chronic Disease Management Coaching
• Wellness & Exercise Coaching

Atlanta Academic Achievement

• Achievement of Academic Success
• Learning Strategies & Coaching
• Study Strategies & Coaching
• Test-Taking Strategies & Coaching
• Standardized Testing Strategies
• ADHD, Attention, Focus & Concentration
• Foundational Performance Improvement

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